SoundRiddle of the week

SoundRiddle of the Week!

Great prizes for the best SoundRiddle!

Every week, we give away a prize for the best, funniest and most unique SoundRiddle from the community. Do you think your SoundRiddle has what it takes to win this prize? Send it over to us! Besides the opportunity to win a prize, the best SoundRiddles can also be selected to be submitted to the database so the whole world can play your SoundRiddle. The winners will be announced on a weekly basis through Facebook and our news page.


This is how you compete:

Step 1: Use the app to create a SoundRiddle.

Step 2: Use the app to send your created SoundRiddle over to us.

Step 3: Select to share your game on facebook and automatically join the competition.


Curious as to which SoundRiddles have already won? Keep checking back to our news page and Facebook

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