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  • What is SoundRiddle?

    SoundRiddle is a social game for 1 – 6 players which focusses on guessing sounds. Playing the game is easy; You hear a short audio fragment, see the amount of letters from the correct answer and get the game category to start with. The fewer hints you need to solve the puzzle, the more points you win and the higher you rise in the ranking. Want to know more about SoundRiddle? Find out here!

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    It took us a considerable amount of effort but today SoundRiddle is finally available for download in the App Store and on Google Play. And to put the cherry on top of the cake, today we also launched the website! […]

    Play with Friends!

    In the app you can play games in more than 15 categories. That’s fun, especially because you can invite friends to solve the riddle together. But even better, is to create your own SoundRiddles. Record a sound, take a picture and think of an answer. Done! Now you can invite your friends to test their solving skills.

    Need some inspiration? Browse through some of the examples on our SoundRiddles page!

    SoundRiddle of the Week!

    Every week we give away a great price for the most unique SoundRiddle in our community. Do you think that your Riddle can win out the competition? Then, submit it! Next to that, the best SoundRiddles might also be added to the database, so players all over the world can play your game! The winners will be announced on Facebook and on the news page. 

    Find out how your SoundRiddle can be chosen to be SoundRiddle of the Week

    Win with Challenges!

    With SoundRiddle you can win great prizes by participating in challenges. Challenges are games offered by other sponsors and available to all players. You can play the game in a pre-determined period and hints will be released on a daily basis. If you are the first to guess the SoundRiddle, then you win the Challenge! 

    Keep an eye out on Facebook and the news page for the next challenge! Find out more on how to win a challenge!

    Highlighted Riddles & Challenges